"Attorney Irina Roller has been working for my family for over five years. She is smart, capable, and sympathetic. She is an experienced attorney who is always ready to help families with special-needs children obtain appropriate settlements through her professionalism. With her help, my son has made substantial progress  since he enrolled at his private school. I really appreciate what she has done, and continues to do, for my family.
- S.X., parent, New York, NY

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We have been so happy to have Irina on our side for the past two years, starting last year with our very first impartial hearing (where she won us 100% tuition reimbursement), and this year (for a full settlement). She is tough but warm, a good listener who remembers all the details and comes to court extremely well prepared. She is very accessible and takes the time to explain things clearly to nervous novices like us. We highly ​recommend her!
-C.R., parent, New York, NY

"Irina is the lawyer and person you want at your side, whether it's for a CSE reimbursement hearing or otherwise. She knows the process, the people and the law and is always thinking three steps ahead. She is tough and smart — and the other side knows that. I always have felt that she has my back. I say all of this as an educated consumer because I am a law firm partner."
- A.G., parent, New York, NY

"We cannot thank Ms. Roller enough for her expertise in preparing us for the Board of Education Impartial Hearing. I felt confident that we would have the desired outcome  after meeting with Ms. Roller and reviewing our case. Her decision to have me testify at the hearing proved to be the winning move. Our daughter is now a City College Graduate and has enrolled in Hunter College's nursing program. Her future is bright and full of new possibilities, because together we gave her the educational support she deserved! "
- M.F & B.F., parents, New York, NY


"Irina Roller is a highly effective attorney.  For several years, we worked with a different law firm, which was only able to win at most 50% of our child's annual tuition reimbursement from the NYC Department of Education.  After we switched to Irina, she had to overcome the precedent setting maximum 50% reimbursements.  The first year we used her, Irina came to the hearing over-prepared.  Her evidence packets were complete, and all witnesses that she presented were well drilled prior to the hearing. As a result, there were no surprises.  Even though the school my child attends has a policy against participating in DOE hearings, Irina was able to win 100% reimbursement, not only a great outcome for that year, but also a new precedent that the DOE has to grapple with in subsequent years.  Now, in our second year of working with Irina, we have had an identical experience to the first year; our side has been confident at the hearings, with a strong precedence.  In addition, this year because the DOE has admitted that it failed to offer a fair and appropriate school to our child, Irina requested pendency reimbursement for us.  The request was granted, so until the case completes the hearing process, we will be reimbursed our child's tuition on a monthly basis.  Prior to this year, we were unaware of this option and are very pleased to have a competent attorney who has our best interests at heart. Irina is smart, confident, detail oriented, and in control, perfect characteristics for an attorney who has to deal with highly demanding parents, schools that are not always cooperative, and a DOE that is excessively bureaucratic"   
- S.C., parent, New York, NY


"Irina gave our family an incredible amount of support and guidance through our hearing process. And clearly her expertise paid off...because we won our hearing! She has continued to give us excellent advice year after year, with a 100 percent success rate. When you have a special needs child, you struggle to meet their day-to-day needs; the difficult Board of Ed. process adds an incredible amount of stress. Irina's hard work and expertise have helped to reduce our stress year after year, and we are incredibly grateful to her."

-L.B., parent, New York, NY

"Our experience with Irina Roller has been exceptional. As parents of a turning-five child with an ASD, we worked with Irina throughout the Impartial Hearing Process and won 100% funding for our son.  Irina was professional and always prepared.  We couldn’t have been happier with the process or Irina’s efforts."
- K.M., parent, Brooklyn, NY

"Our family has dealt with many obstacles while taking care of our autistic son. When it came time to find an appropriate school we faced resistance from the Department of Education. They were not willing to pay tuition for the school of our choice. It was at this point we met with attorney Irina Roller. She was a fearless fighter in the courtroom.  She obtained a proper settlement for our son's school tuition. Ms. Roller has been our attorney of choice for the past five years and without a doubt our go-to person in the future. Ms. Roller's professionalism and dedication to the details of the case in addition to her warm personality helped every step of the way. We recommend Ms. Roller to anyone who is seeking an honorable and professional attorney with a winning attitude and a caring personality."
- A.M., parent, New York, NY

"Irina Roller has been our attorney, representing us in our case with the New York Board of Education for over four years. Throughout that time, we have been very fortunate to have her navigate the system for us. She is extremely knowledgeable on every issue pertaining with the education system in New York, and because of her hard work and dedication, we have won every year she has represented us.  Ms. Roller is very professional and follows her work thoroughly. We are always confident that her investigative work and her preparation results in a victory every time."
- B.M & S.M., parents, New York, NY

"Irina Roller successfully represented my daughter at her impartial hearing with the DOE. She has been my lawyer for the past three years. She has proven to be really brilliant, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy person. I am very fortunate to have her by my side each time I have to meet with the DOE. I thank her and would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation."
- K.A., parent, New York, NY

"Irina Roller represented our family in our case against the DOE and from the moment she took control we knew we were in capable hands. Ours was a long and extremely complicated case. But from the outset, Irina showed a command of the facts and understanding of the legal and educational system that gave my wife and I hope for our cause. Irina is impeccable in her preparedness; astute and precise; tenacious and comprehensive.  She provided wise and inspiring counsel throughout the entire process. We recommend her with the utmost enthusiasm and respect for her talents."
- A.L., parent, New York, NY 

"My experience working on my son's case with Irina Roller has been such a pleasure. To know that she is competent is the best part but I also feel her warm and caring personality add to the experience. I truly feel she treats all of her clients individually as if their case is at the top of her list.  She is always there to give her attention to answer any and all of my questions via email or phone conversations on the spot. Knowing that she is by my side definitely lightens the burden of having to go through all the heartache just to get the appropriate services for my son."
​- S.D., parent, New York, NY